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The Oboe Tunes the Orchestra

A film by Charlotte Clerk

2024 | Quebec | Comedy | 20min | Color | stereo | 16:9

Jerome does not want to play the oboe anymore. Crapaud, his younger brother, is really talented at it. Frustrated by all the family pressure, Jerome spends less time at home to be with his best friend Ouellette. Crapaud, left behind by his brother discovers that their uptight father smokes cannabis in secret. A night full of revelations, mistakes and regrets follows.


Félix Paquette, Pierre Gendron, Adam Lapointe, Émile Ouellette


DIRECTED : Charlotte Clerk
SCREENPLAY : Charlotte Clerk
PRODUCTION : Louis-Emmanuel Gagné-Brochu (Déjà Vu)
DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY : Léa Barsalou et William Albu
ART DIRECTION : Éloïse Grenier-Carpintero
EDITING : Antoine Foley-Dupont
SOUND DESIGN : Théo Parent
SOUND MIXING : Louis Parent et Théo Parent
MUSIC : Paul Bergeron et Louis Parent


    - Rendez-vous Québec cinéma (2024)

Charlotte Clerk

Charlotte Clerk is an emerging filmmaker. She writes and directs all of her projects. She completed her bachalor degree in Film Production at Concordia University. Her end of studies short film, Fanny Never Leaves Without her Bat (2020), went to many festivals in the province of Quebec. It also gave her the opportunity to win a few prizes such as Best Young Filmmaker at the Prague International Indie Film Fest. After her studies, the director produced her first independant professionnal short film, The Oboe Tunes the Orchestra.


- Fanny ne sort jamais sans son bat (2020)
- Le hautbois accorde l'orchestre (2022)

Stéphanie Demers-Hébert

Directrice générale

Marc-Olivier Blackburn

Responsable de la distribution

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