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A film by Charles Parisé

2023 | Quebec | Comedy | 10min | Color | 5.1 et stéréo | 16:9

A young man finds himself in bed with a companion for the first time while he faces the biggest challenge of his existence... understand how to undo a bra.


Philippe Scrive, Hugolin Chevrette, Tristan Harvey, Maya Hegetschweiler, Yves Corbeil


DIRECTOR : Charles Parisé
SCREENPLAY : Charles Parisé & Zachary Ayotte
PRODUCTION : Charles Parisé (Sarbacane Films)
DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY : Jordan Lavery, Guy-Carl Dubé, Thomas d'Auteuil
ART DIRECTION : Stefanie Smylie, Anne-Marie Rémillard
EDITOR : Charles Parisé
SOUND DESIGN : Underground Studios
SOUND MIX : Underground Studios
MUSIC : Zachary Ayotte


    - Fantasia International Film Festival (2023) * Prix SARTEC du meilleur scénario
    - DC Shorts (2023)
    - Calgary International Film Festival (2023)
    - FCVQ (2023)
    - Festival SPASM (2023)
    - Cinémental (2023)
    - Izmir International Short Film Festival (2023)
    - Courts Mais Trash (2023)
    - Landshut Short Film Festival (2024)
    - Reel 2 Real International Film Festival for Youth (2024)
    - Flicker Roving Eye Film Festival (2024)

Charles Parisé

Charles Parisé is committed since his studying years in directing and screenwriting. He directs in 2019 the short film A Man Sneezes and Dies, winning the Audience Award at the Plein(s) Écran festival, and the film His little issues (2020). Meanwhile, he works in the programming of film festivals. He worked in the programming team of the Québec City Film Festival and Les Percéides and is currently the programming manager of the Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma. He is also a graduate in film production of Concordia University in Montreal.


- Un homme éternue et meurt (2019)
- Les petites blessures (2020)

Stéphanie Demers-Hébert

Directrice générale

Marc-Olivier Blackburn

Responsable de la distribution

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