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a film by V1VF

2022 - Québec - Dramedy

4 stories. A spleen. Bitter looks. Between loneliness and disappointments.




DCP / QuickTime

Black and white



French with english subtitles


François Herquel, Philomène Sennechael, Jérémie Simard-Sigouin, Fanny Dorais, Charles-Antoine Olivier, Anthony Coveney, Louis St-Pierre, Gabriella Quesnel, Florence Legault, Xavier Baron-Tardif, Léo Leblanc


DIRECTION : Anthony Coveney, Miguel Lambert, François Lalonde et CAO / SCREENPLAY : Anthony Coveney, Miguel Lambert, François Lalonde et CAO / PRODUCTION : V1VF / DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY : Xavier Bossé / SOUND : Jordan Choinière, Jean-Philippe Charest, Zoé Guèvremont / EDITING : Marianne Boucher et Jordan Choinière / SOUND DESIGN : Jacob Marcoux et Christophe Voyer / SOUND MIXING : Christophe Voyer / MUSIC : Philomène Gatien, Sandro Guédy, Léo Leblanc, CAO


  • Mecal Barcelona International Short Film Festival (2022) *World Premiere

  • Rendez-Vous Québec cinéma (2022)

  • Fantasia International Film Festival (2022)


Montreal, summer 2020. Four young filmmakers are put off by a lawless film industry. Feeling chained by an environment no longer giving any freedom, and where no one any longer respects the rules of the 7th art, Anthony Coveney, François Lalonde, Miguel Lambrt and Charles-Antoine Olivier see themselves induced by a creative impulse forcing them to found the cinema collective V1VF. Together, they have only one goal in mind: to restore cinema to its essence and purity.

Now hunted to death for leaving the traditional film industry, the quartet fights relentlessly for their own survival, but above all, that of a noble cinema that raises awareness.


Their quadryptique Le temps d'un spleen is their first opus bringing together 4 short films produced by each of the filmmakers. This first collective work is already beginning to disrupt the world of contemporary cinema by destroying the dogmas anchored in postmodern culture.



 le temps d'un spleen  ● COURT-MÉTRAGE FICTION

  • À venir...

Stéphanie Demers-Hébert

Stratégie festivals

+1(438)388-2068 poste 5

Valentin Verrier

directeur général

+1(438)388-2068 poste 4

Marc-Olivier Blackburn

Coordonateur à la distribution

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