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Yvon / The eternal

a film by Benoit Massé

2022 - Québec - Documentary

At the break of dawn, Yvon sings for the birds. Slowly, he moves towards death, armed with his cane, a burning joy and a thousand operatic arie.




DCP / QuickTime



5.1 / Stéréo


sous-titré anglais


Yvon Carrière et Alain Dupuis


DIRECTION : Benoit Massé / SCREENPLAY : Benoit Massé / PRODUCTION : Romane Gagnon (École des médias de l'UQAM) / DIRECTION OF PHOTOGRAPHY : Juliette Balthazard / EDTITING : Jérémie Mazan / SOUND DESIGN : Édouard Nadeau-Besse / SOUND MIXING : Jérémie Mazan 


  • Rencontres internationales du documentaires de Montréal (2022) *Première mondiale

Benoit massé

From the north shore of Montreal, the director Benoit Massé engages in his first foray through poetry. Malleable material, words are the perfect precursors to its cinematographic attempt. The beating heart of his existence, the act of creating, is a process of sublimation that started with words before reaching music, cinema and finally sculpture. Multidisciplinary artist, the documentary form is a favored and spiritual place of encounters where he can dive at the core of his stories and himself in the same breath. A graduate of l’École des Médias de l’UQAM in cinema, he’s teething against reality while directing his first two documentaries where he tries to ally his poetic lens to the language of cinema. His first film, Through & True, is officially selected as a part of Regard film festival’s programmation. They underline its refreshing view on masculinity. His second film, Yvon / The Eternal ventures at the gates of death to witness a life under her shadow. Making movies is a privilege but also something like a communion for the director from Terrebonne. As long as he will be able to practice this artform, he’ll attempt to tell authentic stories where poetry seems to emerge for itself.



 yvon / L'éternel  ● COURT-MÉTRAGE Documentaire (Étudiant)

  • Réalisateur


 Au travers ● COURT-MÉTRAGE documentaire (étudiant)

  • Réalisateur

Stéphanie Demers-Hébert

Direction générale

Marc-Olivier Blackburn

Responsable de la distribution

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